Space Junk – An Infographic Backed Up by Science

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Welcome to the next special blog post edition of Rubbish Begone, rubbish removal London services company.

First off, a big, intergalactic Thank you(!) to the fine people of World Science Festival for letting us post their wonderful infographic on our website. And what an infographic it is! Synthesizing data from various scientific organizations, including NASA, it shows how much rubbish is swirling around the planet and compares the mass and volume to various objects we are well accustomed to.It’s great that we can see the consequences of our actions in numbers and pictures alike. Maybe this will make more people turn towards an environment-friendly way of life. Who knows? It’s a long, often fruitless fight. But never mind that!

You will be surprised to see that Gene Roddenberry’s ashes are out there, too!

And without further ado, I will let you check the infographic out. It’s really cool.


“Infographic: Sorting Through Our Space Junk” by Julie Rossman and Roxanne Palmer, CC BY-SA


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