Tyre Disposal

A waste tyre presents a huge nuisance, especially when you have to dispose of it on your own. This means you have to find the nearest licensed facility – which operates in accordance to the EA – and take the tyre there. If you want to save yourself the trouble – and your free time – then simply call Rubbish Begone on 020 3404 1106! As part of our rubbish removal services, we also offer cheap tyre disposal for our clients in London.

Why Choose Our Tyre Disposal Service?

You’d think there’s no room for innovation when it comes to something as simple as collecting old tyres and transporting them elsewhere. But there’s more to Rubbish Begone – a lot more! For instance, all our junk removal services – not just tyre disposal – come with many beneficial factors for you, including:

  • A call centre operating 24/7
  • Instant free quote on the phone
  • A range of flexible booking slots
  • Excellent customer care
  • Punctuality and professionalism
  • A hassle-free service
  • No load presents a difficulty for us
  • Many additional services
  • Special discount options
Did You Know
Tyres use quite a lot of water and energy to be created. Also, during manufacturing, they require oil byproducts. This makes them an expensive and hazardous waste. The good news is about 75% of them are actually being recycled! Let’s not be a part of the other 25%.


Whenever there’s a tyre you want gone – regardless of its type and size – simply call us and we will make it disappear for you! You can call us at any time and book our high-end tyre disposal services. Many commercial and residential clients in London take advantage of our low prices and excellent servicing – so can you even if you are a first time client!

Got other various rubbish, too? Our waste collection service is the perfect fit for your needs.

Book Our Tyre Disposal Service Today

You can either book our services online or call us on 020 3404 1106! Our office staff expect your calls 24/7 – they are always ready to help you with whatever you need. Forget about the old and damaged tyres once and for all because we will handle them for you!