Loft Clearance

A lot of the things you don’t need – but you also don’t want to throw away just yet – end up in your attic? Eventually, it becomes so cluttered it’s like you don’t even have an attic anymore! You can change things and make the space usable again with our Rubbish Begone loft clearance service! Simply call 020 3404 1106 today and book our superb service! It’s the fastest way to deal with this inconvenience.

Why Choose Our Loft Clearance in London?

Attic Clearance by Rubbish BegoneBecause you can afford it! You can sustain your budget and save yourself a lot of free time and efforts. The skilled rubbish removal experts will gladly empty out your attic for you. What you do in the meantime is entirely up to you – either have break from it all or focus on more important matters. On top of that, you will be glad to find out all our rubbish removal services come with many benefits for you, including:


  • Call centre working 24/7
  • Excellent customer care and a free quote on the phone
  • Flexible visitation hours
  • No extra charge for services provided in evenings and weekends
  • No load is too big or small for us
  • Affordable prices
  • Many additional services
  • Special offers and discount options
Did You Know
Studies are showing, that we produce 3% extra waste every following year. Yes, it’s not a big number, but if we carry on like this, in 25 years we will have doubled our waste!


We want to do more for you than just collect your rubbish, we want you to feel comfortable and know you can always count on us for any job! Another great reason our London loft clearance is preferred by many homeowners is that we recycle whatever we can! Combined with our exceptional furniture disposal, you receive a full package that can be tailored to fit your needs. This way you do more than just get rid of your junk – you also help the environment a little bit!

Maybe your loft isn’t the only junk-filled part of your house? If this is the case, our garden clearance service might be the perfect match for you.

Call Rubbish Begone Today – Free Your Attic of Junk!

You can reach us at any time on our hotline 020 3404 1106 – you will receive an instant free quote for your loft clearance service. On the other hand, you can also book our first-class services online.