Generation Awake – What is it About?

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Generation Awake LogoHave you ever heard of Generation Awake? We hadn’t either, until a week ago. And we don’t regret one bit! Today we will tell you a bit about their campaign.

It’s a well known fact, that we usually carry on through the day without thinking much of the consequences of our actions. Yes, we have some moralities towards other living beings, but towards the planet we live on? Not much. This is the idea of the Generation Awake campaign – to raise awareness of how you can help keep our home clean and free of rubbish.

Even the smallest thing we do in our life can affect nature in a negative way. Now, multiply that action or decision by 2 billions. We know, right? When you think globally, suddenly the choice to use an one-time nylon bag seems a lot worse. But it’s not just that! By following their campaign you can learn how to save money, alter your lifestyle in a positive way and, of course, boost the economy while at it. And this is a fine start of a road towards a sustainable society.

We are already helping people in London through our garden waste clearance service. The European Commission is helping through their Generation Awake campaign. Saving energy, water and other resources and, of course, reducing the overall waste we produce.

The campaign has been launched in 2011 and by today it has over 100 000 supporters on Facebook. And probably a lot more outside of Facebook, too!

Check out their website and immerse yourself in the world of Generation Awake. It’s well worth it.