How to Maintain Your House Clean & Your Favourite Feline Safe From Flea or Worm?

Monday, October 1st, 2018

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One of the most common problems that occur in cats is flea attack. Fleas usually lead to an infestation of worms in the cat’s body. Now, most of the cases of worms that happen in the initial stages happen by accident when a cat licks or eats the flea while grooming or exploring the area which is already contaminated with fleas.  

So, to get rid of the fleas and tapeworms, it is important to keep the surrounding area of the cat clean and tidy. And even if you successfully remove all the fleas from the surroundings, it is necessary to do a thorough sweep so that all tapeworm eggs are also removed. If you want your feline to be safe from worms and fleas, giving priority to cleaning your house becomes necessary.

That’s why a lot of owners keep asking about how to clean the house. To know the answer follow the guide given below which will tell you everything, you need to know to keep your feline friend safe.

Monitor Your Cat’s Eating Habits

An indoor cat is at a low risk of contracting worms because of its less exposure to the carrier of worms like dead rats or birds, etc. But if you take your cat outside now and then, it is important to be cautious and keep a tab on your cat’s activities and make sure it eats nothing. Also, make sure you feed your cat with high-quality cat food.

Keep the Indoors Clean

Now, in order to keep fleas away from your house, it is important to keep your house clean.

Fleas can get in your bedding and furniture which is why it becomes important to do regular cleanup of your house so that there are no fleas left in your house.

Also, don’t let any foreign objects or animals in your house like dirt or mice. You can call rubbish removal in London. We will arrange everything for you to keep clean your indoors.

Keep the Cat Clean

Even though cats have a habit of cleaning themselves, but this habit of them can put them in trouble. Sometimes, licking themselves put them at risk of contracting larvae.

It is best to get a flea comb and brush your cat at least once a week. To lower the risk, use flea sprays as per recommendation.

Also, make sure you are cleaning your cat’s bedding which can house fleas and eggs. Clean the bedding in hot water for maximum results. Vacuum your carpets every now and them.

Consider natural solutions like plants tha repell pests to aid your effort.

No Outside Breaks

Many people may agree with the fact that it is not very safe to take your cat outside. Taking your cat outside can put your cat in a lot of trouble. There are high chances that your cat will contract worms and also there’s the danger of predators and fast-moving vehicles that pose a threat to your cat’s life.

Also, a cat can pick up worms and other pests that can infect your house and make it hard to clean.

Take Care of Infected Animals

If there is over one cat in your house or any other animal you are petting, make sure that each one of them is free of worms and fleas. And if they infect any one of them, keep the infected one away from the others to avoid the worms from spreading. Once the animal is treated, only then allow it to get in contact with other animals in your house.

An infected cat should not be allowed to eat or use a litter box with other animals in the house. This can also prevent the infection from spreading.

Provide Treatment

Flea and worm treatments for cats are mandatory in order to fully get rid of the issue. If one of your cats is infected, it is highly possible that other pets in the house are infected too. And the sooner you provide the treatment, the better. Never rely on home remedies to treat fleas. Always take your infected cat to a vet for a professional treatment.

Usually, the flea and worm treatment for cats involves a course of medicine that can help in getting rid of worms in a very short time. Also, there are serums too, which can be applied directly to the cat’s coat to keep it worm-free and the effect of these medicines last very long.


When dealing with worms, it is important to be safe as in rare cases, they can transmit worms from cats to humans. This can lead to a health problem. Now, if you are looking forward to maintaining a safe environment for your cat, make sure that your house is always clean. Use detergent to wash the bedding of your cat and groom your cat when necessary. Fleas and worms are the most common threat to your favourite feline’s health.

If you want to keep your cat safe, then make sure that you are taking the right measures and maintaining a suitable living environment.